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Mesa Mobile Cabinet Showroom Coming SOON!

Mesa Mobile Cabinet Showroom Just Got Wrapped and Is Just a Week or Two Away From Servicing the Valley for All Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry..  Schedule the Mobile Showroom... Read More »

Luxury Bathroom Remodel Chandler AZ

Bathroom of Luxury   I’m sure you have figured it out by now, but trends come and go…….in clothing, shoes, hairstyles….and homes.  Some of the styles will... Read More »

Home Remodel Gilbert AZ

Home Improvement Consequences   Updating your home is a no brainer if you have the funds…… long as you do your research, most likely you will have a good return on your... Read More »

Upgrade My Home To Sell Mesa AZ

Noisy Remodel   Improving homes is a major passion of North Americans these days.  There is that saying, your home is your castle……so why not fix up the place where you... Read More »

Remodel Bedroom Gilbert AZ

Redoing Your Kid’s Space   You would think decorating and remodeling a child’s room would be easy……splash of color, posters of animals on the walls, the biggest... Read More »

Concrete Sinks Chandler AZ

Concrete Sinks, The New Alternative   A bathroom can make or break any home.  There is nothing quite worse than finding a home that you love, then walking in the bathrooms and... Read More »

Faux Beams Gilbert AZ

Faux Beams.......Yes!  They Do Exist!    I was just in a home give away on Sunday here in Monroe, Louisiana.  St. Jude’s hospital is doing a raffle, and giving away... Read More »

laminate flooring Mesa AZ

  Laminate for Decks and Railings   Sometimes using real wood in a remodel is just not an option.  Most of the time, it is the cost that keeps people from going that... Read More »

laminate flooring Chandler AZ

Faux Wood for not so Faux Homes   Real wood has made a huge comeback in recent years.  You now find it in décor, flooring, building materials, accents…..the use is... Read More »

Raised Panel Cabinet doors Gilbert AZ

Choosing the Right Cabinet   Cabinets are really just a box made out of some sort of wood material.  But what makes it a cabinet is the sleek design, wood color, doors, hardware, and... Read More »

Frameless Cabinets Mesa AZ

Cabinets 101   You can look back through history and see the way cabinets have transformed.  Pioneers had just a few simple shelves, maybe a box for storage, and a table.  In... Read More »

Remodeling My Home Mesa AZ

Deciding What Works Best   Considering a remodel of the bathroom?  There are several things to really consider, but what to focus on, when it comes to the bathroom, is figuring out... Read More »

Water Proofing Your Cabinets Mesa AZ

Water Proofing Your Bathrooms   Water is a necessity in a bathroom…….. everything we need to do in there cannot be done without water.  So that makes bathrooms, by... Read More »

Cabinets for Condos Gilbert AZ

Condo Remodel Most Condos do not compare to a traditional house.  So taking the right steps to remodel the condo, are extremely important.  If it is an older condo, with some history,... Read More »

Best Contractor Chandler AZ

Things to Consider when Hiring a Professional Contractor Do you find yourself as one of the millions of Americans who are considering a remodeling project?  If so, you probably have a ton of... Read More »

Refacing Cabinets Chandler AZ

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets   Refacing cabinets is essentially the same thing as resurfacing.  It is just the process of giving your existing cabinets a facelift……. a... Read More »

How to Stain My Cabinets Mesa AZ

Staining Your Cabinets   Are you in the mood to do some DIY projects around the house?  Maybe something small you could do in a day?  Staining cabinets might just be right up... Read More »

Best Contractor Mesa AZ

Where to Begin   Need help finding a professional contractor for a remodeling job?  There are so many to choose from, but all contractors are not created equal.  Check out my... Read More »

Painting Cabinets Chandler AZ

  To Paint or Not to Paint   Are you looking to update your cabinets in a space?  Possibly the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or living area?  If replacing the cabinets... Read More »

Best Contractor Gilbert AZ

Questions for Your Contractor or Remodeler Finding a remodeler can be time consuming, and a difficult job.  After all, you are investing quite a bit of money in their direction.  You... Read More »

Cabinet Remodel Gilbert AZ

Spruce Up Those Cabinets   Is your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or closets looking a little beat up?  Are your cabinets in need of a good face lift?  Sometimes we go to far... Read More »

Shaker Cabinet Gilbert Az

At the heart of the Shaker movement were the ideals of plainness, practicality and pride, which reflect strongly in their distinctive furniture. The stability and harmony this cabinetry brings to... Read More »

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets Chandler AZ

Installing Cabinets Made Easy   Sometimes in a remodel, we need to save some money.  There are so many places you can choose to save money, by DIY (Do it Yourself).  Now if this... Read More »

Cabinet Styles Gilbert AZ

    Steps for Installing Glass in Cabinet Doors Sometimes for homeowners, regular cabinet doors just don’t do the trick in kitchens.  You want it to pop a little bit... Read More »

Cheap Kitchen Renovation Chandler AZ

Saving On Cabinetry Facing a remodel can be challenging.  If you are like most Americans, you need to save money in certain areas.  You can choose to not invest in expensive cabinetry,... Read More »

Bedroom Storage Ideas Gilbert AZ

Tips for Better Storage Your bedroom should be a place for relaxation and peaceful tranquility.  But that can be hampered by not having ample storage space for your clothes, shoes, purses,... Read More »

Laundry Cabinets Mesa AZ

Sprucing Up The Laundry Room   I'm not sure I know anyone who just LOVES to spend time in their laundry room, let alone, actually rejoice in doing the laundry.  While laundry... Read More »

Outdoor Kitchens Gilbert AZ

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Arizona is such a beautiful place to be able to have an outdoor kitchen.  With sunshine pretty much all year round, being outside is a must for entertaining.... Read More »

Best Kitchen Appliance Mesa AZ

Spending Money Where It Counts   Remodeling your kitchen?  Not sure where to spend the most of your money?  Think about what matters most to you while you are in the... Read More »

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Chandler AZ

Cabinet Pulls Are you headed in the direction of a kitchen remodel?  Maybe you are now having to consider what options and solutions you need to take in your brand-new kitchen or redesigned... Read More »

Cabinet Hardware Mesa AZ

Unique Cabinet Hardware, the Latest Trends Designing a kitchen is such a fun experience.  Choosing the color of the cabinets, wood work of the cabinets, and overall placement are all part of... Read More »

How To Refinish Wood Mesa AZ

From Ugly to Beautiful Refinishing wood sounds complicated, by this step by step process might help it seem less daunting!  There is nothing quite like looking at a finished product that YOU... Read More »

Best Counter tops Chandler AZ

Choosing the Best Counter Top For Your Remodel   Counter tops can be the main focal point of your kitchen.  If this is what you want, you will spend more money on them.  A stone... Read More »

Cabinet Styles Mesa AZ

What Style is Right For You   Designing a kitchen can be such a fun process!  Just knowing how fresh and clean it will be, to me, is almost the best part!  But actually... Read More »

What's the Best Cabinets for Kitchens Scottsdale, AZ

Choosing Kitchen Cabinetry Have you ever tackled a kitchen, bath, or any renovation before?  If so, you should know all about the wave of emotions that can be brought on by it.... Read More »

Must Haves in Kitchen Remodel Gilbert AZ

When to Splurge & When to Save   Your kitchen is one of the places that will show others how you live.  It’s a place in the house where you can put not only expensive... Read More »

Renovation on a Budget Scottsdale AZ

Salvaging Kitchen Cabinets So you are getting ready to start a remodel on your kitchen.  It's not terrible, but.......definitely could benefit from some change.   Sometimes... Read More »

Can I Paint My Cabinets? Mesa AZ

Tips for Painting Cabinets Sometimes staining old cabinets is not an option.  A lot of times, they aren't even real wood----but laminate.  If they are real might want... Read More »

Kitchen Layout Chandler AZ

10 Questions To Help You Choose The Best Cabinets  A Kitchen Remodel can be such a daunting task, and a bit overwhelming to the average person.  There is so much to consider, and with... Read More »

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Gilbert AZ

Brand New Kitchen So several years ago while I was living in Flagstaff, AZ......I decided to refinish my kitchen cabinets.  Now.......of course I couldn't JUST do the cabinets.....I... Read More »

Remodeling Cabinets Mesa AZ

A Real Show Stopper So several years ago I was blessed and given a gorgeous upright piano.  I started looking for one once I saw a cousin of mine post of Facebook the finished product of her... Read More »

Need Cabinets Gilbert AZ, 85295

Kitchen area Closets Options Before purchasing, it's essential to take exact dimensions. This saves time as well as assists with planning. Make sure to measure the home appliance areas to... Read More »

5 Things to ask your contractor Mesa Arizona

5 Things to Ask Your Potential Contractor   The success of your finished remodeling job will depend on your success in finding and hiring the right contractor. To insure your success in... Read More »

9 Questions to Ask Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Gilbert AZ

If you were going to undergo a medical procedure, you would want to know as much as possible before going through with it. Kitchen renovations or remodels are no different. The more informed you... Read More »

5 Kitchen Renovation Secrets in Mesa AZ

You see it in showrooms, on t.v., in magazines, and online: the kitchen of your dreams. With its beautiful countertops, cabinets, hardware, and accessories, that kitchen excites you, and invites you... Read More »

5 Storage Secrets for Gilbert AZ Kitchen Cabinets

A beautiful kitchen is designed with uncluttered countertops in mind. When countertops are able to shine without obstruction, they kitchen feels spacious, clean, and welcoming. Yes, you can stuff... Read More »

4 Secrets to Find Cheap Kitchen Cabinets in Mesa AZ

Remodeling or renovating a kitchen comes with a hefty price tag. That is if you opt for the traditional, full on, design–to–installation service. Luckily, the following 4 secrets to find... Read More »

4 Things You Need To Know About Kitchen Cabinets in Mesa AZ

  A kitchen renovation or remodel may include new appliances, countertops, or flooring; and most often it involves the cabinets. With so many choices available, homeowners may be unsure what... Read More »

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets in Gilbert AZ

The functionality, look, and feel of a kitchen is determined in large part by its cabinets. If you’ve been thinking about renovating or remodeling your kitchen, there’s a good chance... Read More »

The Cost of Cabinet Installation in Gilbert AZ

Cabinets are in many ways the highlight feature of a kitchen, whether it’s in a newly built home, or a remodel of an existing one. While modern cabinet designs allow you to choose and... Read More »

Best Wat to Paint Kitchen Cabinets in Mesa AZ

After years of use and abuse, kitchen cabinets can look drab, grimy, and dirty from cooking grease that tends to accumulate over time. One quick and inexpensive way to update your kitchen... Read More »

7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends in Gilbert AZ

Many say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you’re thinking about selling, it is important to keep that heart updated so it will attract buyers. Home trends come and go, but nothing... Read More »

Reface Your Mesa AZ Kitchen Cabinets

  If you are considering a kitchen remodel, one alternative is to reface your Mesa AZ kitchen cabinets. Kitchen refacing is affordable, and takes less time than remodeling.   The... Read More »

Kitchen Cupboards Mesa Arizona

Kitchen Cupboards Mesa Arizona Cooking area closets are a big expense, however make one of the most difference in the look of your residence. There are a variety of designs, layouts and also... Read More »

Kitchen Cabinet Budget Mesa Arizona

Kitchen Cabinet Budget Mesa Arizona A lot of residence improvement sites will certainly send an agent to your house to double examine your sizes prior to your new cooking area is ordered. This... Read More »

New Kitchen Cabinets Mesa Arizona

New Kitchen Cabinets Mesa Arizona Before buying, it's important to take exact dimensions. This saves time and assists with preparation. Be definitely to gauge the appliance locations to get a... Read More »

Bathroom Cabinet Choices Mesa Arizona

Renovating Your Kitchen: Bathroom Cabinet Choices Mesa Arizona Possibly, the very best thing to do, when trying to find new shower room cupboards, is choose what you want to have or, at the very... Read More »

Cabinet Choices in Gilbert Arizona

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Cabinet Choices in Gilbert Arizona Maybe, the best point to do, when searching for new washroom cupboards, is decide just what you wish to have or, at the very least,... Read More »

New Cabinets Mesa Arizona

Redesigning Your Kitchen: Choosing Your Bathroom Cabinets There are some house owners that choose to keep their bathrooms as simple as they could possible be, which commonly consists of leaving... Read More »

Choosing Bathroom Cabinets Gilbert Arizona

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Choosing Bathroom Cabinets Gilbert Arizona When it comes to washroom cupboards, you will find that not everybody needs or wants them. There are some property owners that... Read More »